25 X 25mm Mobile Phone Webcam VOID Label Stickers

Anti-fraud Mobile phone Webcam Labels,Webcam VOIDOPEN Seals, Phone anti-counterfeiting Sticker from an experienced VOID Labels Maker offering you High Quality Security Seals, Anti-counterfeiting Printable VOID Seals for Cell phone, file folder, Note Envelope...

Product Details

Mobile Phone Webcam VOID Label Stickers


High Temperature resistant for long time

Good strength

Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting material

The hidden content saying text, pattern will reveal when lift

Non-residue transfer


ItemMoible webcam labeling
FilmGloss film or matte film
Size25 x 25mm or bespoke
Adhesive Acrylic adhesive
Printing TechnologyAll types of printing
Thickness1", 2", 3" or custom
ColorBlack, blue or custom color
ShapeRetangle, square, circle...
UsageCell phone

Black label sticked to phone webcam, "VOID" text will be seen when removed

25 x 25mm Mobile Phone Webcam VOID Label Stickers

Custom VOID wording

Mobile Phone Webcam VOID Label Sticker

Blue color VOID seal for labeling camera

100 Mobile Phone Webcam VOID Label Sticker

VOID webcam seal is designed for labeling phone camera, besides this, it can be used as logistics labels, anti-theft sealing labels, seals, and can also be used for electronic anti-counterfeiting labels. Customized VOID wording is accepted, such as " VOID", "opened", " VOIDOPEN" "opened" and other words.

More application

1. Being sealing label. The anti-counterfeiting sealing label is attached to the object sealing to prevent unauthorized removal or theft of documents, mails and parcels, and is used to identify unauthorized or illegal opening of the sealed object.

2.  Being tamper proof label. The tamper-evident label is affixed to the product to prevent the label and the label from being lifted and then used to identify the unauthorized or illegal opening of the sealed product.

3.  Being product warranty label. Before the product leaves the factory, the company puts the quality assurance label on the product as security label sticker

Mibils is the leading manufacturer of anti-fake security label sticker seal in Shenzhen. Please contact us now  for any help. 

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