Destructible Tamper Evident Security Eggshell Stickers Fragile

Destructible One-Time Use labels, Tamper Evident Security Label, Asset Eggshell Fragile Stickers.

Product Details

Destructible Tamper Evident Security Eggshell Stickers Fragile


1. Label breaks into pieces, if anyone try to remove it once applied to a surface

2. Destructible, Use for one time only

3. Tamper-evident material label, Self-destroyed

4. Uses as warranty seals and property/asset labels

5. Aggressive Glue


MaterialVinyl, Tamper evident Destructive material
Adhesive TypePressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
DesignDiecut to your design
ColorMatte white or others
ShapeOval, Circle, Rectangle, Square, Round
UsageProperty label is damaged when tampered
ApplicationWarranty seals and property/asset label


Egg shell vinyl sticker for street graffiti art.


Round dot shape for mobile phone warranty


Customized printing egg shell sticker


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