Tamper-Evident Destructible Labels

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Product Details

Tamper-Evident Destructible Labels


Will fracture when an attempt is made to remove it once applied to a surface


Tamper-evident material label

Uses as warranty seals and property/asset labels

Very high adhesion


ItemDestructible Labels
Size50x20mm or custom
FacestockTamper evident 
Printing messageCompany name, tel and warning word "void" if removed
ColorMatte white or others
DesignDiecut to your design
SampleDestructive material label sample
Delivery time3-6 work days
Shipping portShenzhen


Destructible security labels are used for where a label may provide either a deterrent against theft or as an proof that an item has been tampered with. So when a product that is sealed and under guarantee or service contract, may have a desctructible label, which will be broken if this product is tampered with, therefore providing evidence of non-authorised interference that may invalidate a warranty claim.

Equipment with destructive property label

Tamper-evident destructable label.jpg

Property label is damaged when tampered with

Tamper-evident destructable labels.jpg

Mibils can manufacture custom self-adhesive tamper evident destructible labels, please contact us to print your assets labels.

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