Tamper-evident Security Sealing Label For Warranty Tamper

Tamper Evident Security Sticker / Seals, Anti-fake Warranty Seals, Durable Anti-counterfeiting Sticker manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Strong Tamper Proof Security Seals, Destructable OPENVOID Labels, Custom Warranty VOID Tape for Valuable Item, High Security Products, Health Products and so on.

Product Details

Product Description:


High quality, durable and strong material

Can be personalized print

Sticked in seconds, impossible to swarp or tamper 

Adheres immediately over almost any surface

Permanent pen ink hand markable 

VOID-indicating, bespoke "VOID" message will be seen when lift

Service temperature -55°C. to +84°C

Purpose: Security seals, warranty seals, brand protection



Label NameSecurity sealing label for warranty tamper indicating
Face Stock Thickness1mil, 2mil, 3mil or customized
Stock MaterialAnti-counterfeiting film
DesignBespoke design
Backing MaterialGlassine paper
Surface FinishMatte or glossy
Back Paper80g,120g,140g
ColorAny colors
Hidden Message



Shape & SizeCustomized
"VOID" Message TransferCustomized transfer or no-transfer
ResidueWith residue or without residue
Surface PrintNumber print, text print, legend print or blank
PackingRoll or sheet
HS Code
FREE Tamper Evident VOID sampling...

Anti-fake Tamper-evident seals on roll

tamper-evident security sealing label for warranty tamper

Box security sealing label for warranty protection

tamper-evident security sealing label for warranty tamper2

"VOID" indicating when attempts

tamper-evident security sealing label for warranty tamper3

Strong adhesive

tamper-evident security sealing label for warranty tamper4

Label Structure:

Anti-fake tamper evident warranty security seals made of VOID-indicating film and release paper

with good acylic adhesive


Uses as Warranty seal and Anti-fake security sealing label, this special sticker protects intruders from access to valuable item, high priced commodity, high security item, confidential information or container

Product Series:

VOID Warranty Sealing Labels

Tamper Proof Labeling Tape

Tamper Proof OPENVOID Printing stickers

Tamper Evident Security Tape

Openvoid Tamper Resistant Security Sticker

Openvoid Tamper Proof Warranty Tapes

Tamper Evident Warranty Seals

Tamper Evident Anti-Fake Sticker

VOID-Indicating Seals

Tamper Evident Openvoid Sealing Sticker

Anti-fake Tamper Evident Label Stickers

Tamper Resistant Security Packing Tape

Tamper-Indicating ID Labels

Tamper Evident Asset Destructive Labels

Void Material Asset Security Sticker

Openvoid Security Labels


About us:

Mibils has been producing a high performance durable polyester label sticker that detects removing, with residue or without leaving any residue on the surface where is applied. Please just advise us your requirements, we are able to make to your customized demands.                 

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