0.16'' Dia Liquid Indicating Stickers

0.16" Dia Liquid Indicating Stickers, permanently changes from white to red when the water touches the edge of the label

Product Details

0.16" Dia Liquid Indicating Stickers

Video of Mibils water sensitive label, please check 



Permanently changes from white to red when water based solutions contact the edge of the label

Provides evidence of water exposure


Product Name

White Water Indicator Labels

Label Type

Water sensitive stickers

Label Size

Standard 5mm round


Water Indicating Polyester/Paper 




Warranty of electrical products



Water sensitive Label Sample 

Stock free samples

Delivery time

5-7 working days after payment received and drawing confirmed

Payment Term

T/T or LC

Obvious color difference on water damage label you can seen from the picture

water indicator label before encountering water and after encountering water

Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional 0.16'' dia liquid indicating stickers supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.
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