Water Sensitive Discoloration Labels

Safe Water-sensitive color-changing mobile phone safety labels and stickers are sticky and waterproof. The color of the water indicator changes. This means that when a water-sensitive color-changing sticker comes in contact with water, the surface color will change to a red disposable mobile phone safety label.

Product Details

Water Sensitive Discoloration Labels

Product Description


Tamper proof label

Mobile phone and other products Warranty label

Security label


Product Name

Water Sensitive Color Changing Indicate label

Label Category

White turns red Label


Standard dot, 5mm diameter

Adhesive Form


Adhesive Type

Pressure sensitive

Water sensitive Label Material

PET, Water damaging paper


Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive


Water Sensitive, irreversible

Water sensitive sticker Process

Printing, matt lamination /gloss lamination / semi-gloss lamination, Die cut, UV coating, stamping, perforating, label rolled or Label sheeted

Design of Water sensitive sticker

Custom design

Water sensitive Label Packing

By sheets or rolls, shrink wrap, shipping cartons

Unit Price of Water sensitive sticker

Depending on requirements


Tamper proof, Warranty Security; Water Sensitive label

Custom order

Yes, size, design, shape, colors, thickness are all customized


Mobile Phone, Electronic products authentication

Phone security labels colors

White, White turns red Label when meeting water

Water sensitive Label Sample

Stock sample is free

Label printing Experience

Since 2002

Delivery time

3-10 days

Payment Term

T/T or LC

Water Sensitive Tamper Proof Security Label Sticker

Comparsion of water damage sticker, before and after contact with water

Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional water sensitive discoloration labels supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.
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