White Water Indicator Labels

Water sensitive labels are widely used to indicate warranty for mobile phones,batteries, electronics, appliances, and LCDs. Provides concrete evidence of maintenance service with the aim of identifying hard or wrong things after damage caused by non-standard water or controls. Allows you to legally identify invading water and provide a legal basis for your claim.

Product Details

White Water Indicator Labels

Video of Mibils water sensitive label, please check 


The color change is permanent, even after prolonged immersion in water.

These labels also withstand heat and humidity aging without false indication.


Product Name

White Water Indicator Labels

Label Type

Water sensitive stickers

Label Size

4mm round

Label Material

Water damaging paper


Permanent adhesive


Warranty of electrical products

Phone security labels colors

Original White

Water sensitive Label Sample 

Stock sample is free

Delivery time

5-7 working days after payment received and drawing confirmed

Payment Term

T/T or LC

The original color of water sensitive sticker is matte white

water sensitive label 32.2

Color Comparison of the water damage stickers, before contact water and after contact water

water sensitive label 33.3

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