Bespoke Cable Labels Wrap Around Type

Cable labels wrap around, Wrap-around Cable marking, Bespoke cable labels wrap-around, Cable Label Marker Wrap-around from real Cable Marker supplier&manufacturer offering you types of cable cord marker for cable identification and wire organization.

Product Details

Bespoke cable labels wrap around type




Water resistant 

Resistant to solvent and chemical 

Workable on special surfaces

Flexible for small radii/corners



Self adhesive

Wrap around type

Rohs compliant

Material: Transparent vinyl foil

Color: transparent with laminated printable area

Size: your size

Adhesive: permanent acrylic adhesive with high adhesion

Service temperature.:-22 °C to +82 °C

Application temp.: +10 °C

Cable labels wrap around type

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Wrap around label design

Bespoke cable labels wrap-around type.jpg

Cable labels wrap around application

Bespoke cable labels wrap around types.jpg


Wrap around cable labels are made of a transparent vinyl film with a colored printed area and a permanent acrylic adhesive. 


The wrap around cable markers are used to identify all sizes of wire and cables quickly, clearly and economically, they are designed to wrap completely around and back onto itself thereby providing an over-laminated finish that protects printed legends for clear, permanent identification. 


Cable marking wrap-around type ensures that the legend is protected from spills and scratches, and resistant to water, oil, solvents and abrasion. Even with small cable diameters, these cable label tags are sure to provide proper identification of types of cables and wires. 

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