Fiber Optic Cable Tags for Wire Marking

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Product Details

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Water resistant

High strength

Easy to wrap

Permanent marking

Multicolor option

Self-laminated material for printing required data like barcode, sequence number,company logo 


                                                 Fiber Optic Cable Tags                                
TypeFiber optic cable tag MaterialSpecialized material
PrinterThermal transferAdhesiveSelf adhesive  
DimensionCustomizedPackingin roll or sheet
DesignClient's designSelf adhesiveAcrylic adhesive
Wire RangeFiber optic cable, fiber cable, electrical wire, electrical cabel, electrical cord, audio cable...
SampleSamples are free of chargePriceFactory price


FIBER OPTIC CABLE TAGS help you mark types of wire, such as fiber optic cable, quickly find necessary cable by respectively identification,cost-efficiently manage cables. 

Fiber Optic Cable Tags

Fiber Optic Cable Tags for Wires Marking 2.jpg

Fiber Optic Cable Tags with Marking

Fiber Optic Cable Tags for Wires Marking 1.jpg

Marking Fiber Optic Wire for Patch rack 

Fiber Optic Cable Tags for Wire Marking.jpg

Let's See Advantage after Using Fiber Optic Cable Labels

cable label 5.jpg

Steps of Labelling Fiber Optic Cable Tags for Wire Marking

Fiber Optic Cable Tags for Wire Marking

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