Flame Retardant Self-laminating Cable Marker Labels For Network

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Product Details

Product Description



Flame retardant 

Self-laminating cable marker

Soft and easy to wrap, outstanding performance for highly curved cables wires

Color laminating printing area with clear "tail" that wraps around label

Clear tail


Waterproof, oils resistant, anti-solvents

High print quality

RoHS compliant

Applications: Network Cable wire marker

Material is used self-laminating plastic. Clear plastic material type, finish type is a self-laminated format with a white printable zone and a translucent overlaminating area. 


MaterialWrapable plastic
Self-laminating printing zone and a clear overlaminating tail
Pressure adhesive
Printing Area
White, Yellow, Red or others
Printing Sizeto your size
Transparent areaYes
Print TechnologyThermal transfer print or UV print
Recommended RibbonsHigh quality thermal transfer ribbons 
Service Temp-50ºF to 160ºF
Application Temp60ºF to 160ºF
Surface PrintCustomized print
Packing FormCustom form
Delivery Time3-7 workind days
Shipping PortShenzhen, Guangzhou or specified by you

Flame retardant self-laminating cable label for network wire

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Self-laminating flame retardant cable label can be made to custom size 

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How to Wrap around Flame Retardant Self-laminating Cable Marker Stickers

Flame Retardant Self-laminating Cable Marker Labels For Network


Flame retardant cable marker made from self-Laminating material, which provides a protective layer over printing making it resistant to abrasion, dirt, oils, solvents, water

The label with self-laminating for types of cable wire marking

Self-laminating label adheres well size of cable, especially to small to standard cable


This cable label have a durable plastic substrate, the material is uniform, soft and flexible, suitable for wrapping and winding. The labels consist of two parts, the upper part is a white print coating, the lower part is a transparent protective film. When used, the transparent area can be used to cover the printed area and play a protective role. The transparent protective film should have enough length to wrap the cable in a circle or a circle.

Selection of cable label identification:
Marking the label before the terminal is finished or after finished?

The Cable label with protective film can be used before or after terminal connection, and the content of the label is clear. The label is completely wound on the cable and has a transparent film wrapped around the printed content. It can be effectively protected Print contents to prevent scratches or corrosion.

How much is the diameter of the cable?

The diameter of the cable determines the length of the winding tag, the flame retardant self-laminiating wrap around winding labels are suitable for cables of all sizes. Mibils' wrap around label is suitable for labels of various diameters. For very thin cable labels (such as optical fiber jumper labels), flag type labels can be used. 

Do you print your self-laminating cable label or buy the pre-printed cable label?

On the spot print label: users can print labels of various contents according to their needs.

Preprint label: There are a variety of preprint content for users to choose; Preprint cable label is easy to use suitable for various applications.

Application environment of cable identification:

Will the cable label be exposed to oil, water, chemicals or solvents? Does it require flame retardancy? Is there an outdoor environment? Does the government have special provisions or other provisions? Is it used in cleanliness or other environments? For all kinds of special application environment, it is necessary to select the appropriate materials to ensure maximum shelf-life.

Basically, each component related to the structured cabling system needs to be managed. Therefore, each component should be labelled accordingly. These components include: connection hardware in the workspace, telecommunications room, equipment room and input facility.

Custom Size

From 22 to 4 standard size cables (AWG), wire diameters from 1.00MM to 6.64MM, choose different specifications to custom self-laminating cable label, printing area size and color depends on the application, the optional color is red, orange, yellow, green, brown, blue, purple, grey, white.

How to choose the right cable label material?

1) to consider the environment in which labels are to be exposed. The service life of labels is several years, and some labels need to last as long as buildings.

2) how to print labels? Lattices printer, lasers printer, inkjet printer or hand-held printers, they all perform best in printing certain label materials. 

3) the cost is less factor, because labels might be missing or blurred if cheap materials or printing methods that are not suitable for the environment, in that case, the label could be nothing. 

Please contact us to custom made flame retardant cable marker label now!

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