Self-adhesive Cable Identification Label Tag

Cable Identification Lable Tag, Self-adhesive P-Type Cable Tag, Cable Identification Tag from China Cable Tag Manufacturer,featured P-Type Sticker,very durable, strongly adhesive, widely use in wire marking system with affordable price...

Product Details

Self-adhesive Cable Identification Label Tag

Product Description


A. P Flag type 

B. Soft

C. Tearproof  

D. Widely use in wire marking system

E. Affordable price 

F. Very durable wire tag

G. Easy to peel off, easy to attach to any size cabling, tear-resistant PVC

H. Available in yellow, white, red, blue orange, green, purple and other customized color

I.  Printable & writable marking area

J.  Easy to attach to any size cabling, tear-resistant PVC

K. Permanent Marker pen 48-CTMP recommended for writting 

Advantage: Colour code your network cable and never miss out with cable label tag.


Label Name: Cable Identification Label Tag, Cable Flag

Purpose: Wire cable identification 

Type: Flag

Application: Widely used for cable, wire and jacket

Design: Personalized design

Surface Finish: Laminated

Adhesive: Permanent self-adhesive 

Packing: Roll or sheet

Cable Tag for identification

Self-adhesive Cable Identification Label Tag

Multiple Flag design

Self-adhesive Cable Identification Label Tag (2)

Mibils has been manufacturing types of cable identification label tag since year 2002, for any help, please contact us freely.

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