Self-laminated Vinyl Label Tape

Product Description Features: Conformable Excellent performance on highly curved surfaces, wires and cables White laminated printable area with clear “tail” that wraps around marker Over-laminate clear tail is to protect the text from abrasion and dirt. Waterproof, oils resistant, Anti-solvents...

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Product Description


Applications: wire and cable identification

MBL-0427's self-laminating label tape measures 14' length by 1.5" width with 0.375" height printable area. Material is used self-laminating vinyl,matte finished. Translucent vinyl material type, finish type is a self-laminated format with a white printable zone and a translucent overlaminating area. MBL-0427' has outstanding water and oil resistance. 


Part NumberMBL-0427
Self-laminated, with a white printable zone and a translucent overlaminating area
Permanent acrylic
Print technologyThermal transfer print
Recommended ribbonsThermal transfer ribbons 
Service temp-50ºF to 160ºF
Application temp60ºF to 160ºF
Delivery time 3-7 working days

Vinyl Label Tape on Wire & Cable

Self-Laminating Vinyl Label Tape.jpg

Wrap around Cable Label Tape

Self-Laminating Vinyl Labelling Tape.jpg

Label tape made from MBL-0427 Self-Laminating Vinyl material, which provides a protective layer over text, number making it resistant to abrasion, dirt, oils, solvents, water

Label tape with self-laminating vinyl for cable and wire labeling, data center identification

Permanent tape adheres well to most surfaces, like smooth, rough, highly textured, or powder coated

Labeling tape with a self-laminated format with printable zone, custom print black text on a white background with translucent overlaminating area for durable use

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