Wrap-around Cable Marker

Cable Marker, Self-adhesive Wire Identification Marker featurs Wrap-around, Self-laminating, printable, UV resistant

Product Details

Product Description


Numerous size labels available to print for when wires, cables need to be identified

Self-laminated area is wrap-around, helping to preserve the printing

Labels fit in all standard printers

Legible wire labels

Useful in applications for networking

UV inhibited labels resistant to fading

Clear wrap-around seal to retard further degradation of printing message

Available for laser printers, made of polyester material (we can produce a vinyl sheet for Dot Matrix printers)

Allows color printing

Wrap-around Cable Marker for Wire Identification

Wrap-around Cable Marker.jpg

Marker Design Sample

Wrap-around Cabel Marker.jpg

Please contact us to custom wrap-around cable marker.

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