Wrap around Cable Sticker for Wire Marker

Product Description Features: Wrap around cable sticker are designed to wrap around the sticker, self-wrap around themselves as they are applied Durable, easy-to read Over-laminated printing area on clear polyester for quality printing Aggressive glue adhere on the cable, no slipping ROHS...

Product Details

Product Description



Sticker MaterialMatt Transparent Vinyl
AdhesivePermanent adhesive
DesignCustom design
Minimum application temprature+5°C
Service temperature-20°C to +100°C
Packingin roll or in A4 sheet
Noted: Stickers can be customized per you needs, including custom material, custom adhesive, custom design.....

Wrap Around Cable Sticker in roll 

Wrap Around Cable Sticker for Wire.jpg

Wrap Around Cable Sticker for wire marker

Wrap Around Cable Sticker for Wire marker (2).jpg

Wrap Around Cable Sticker for wire marking in Patch Panel

Wrap around cable sticker for wire marker  500.jpg

Wrap Around Cable Sticker with Custom Design

wrap-around-cable-sticker-for-wire-marker (2).jpg


SAVE YOU TIME: When you are facing numbers of cables wiring, you will waste much time in finding the correct one. Cable stickers labels at each end of each cable, will save your time.

WELL ORGANIZED CABLES: Cables are organized in order, help you manage cables and maintenance cables

HEAT RESISTANT: High-temperature resistance up to 100°C, Mibils' quality cable stickers hold up in laser printers which have high temperature while working, and will not fall off when labeling.

SELF-LAMINATED: Self-laminated write-on / print-on area to protect the legend for clear and durable identification. adhere on the cable, without slipping.

Cable Range

Network Ethernet cables (Cat. 6 FTP/Cat. 6A UPT/Cat. 6A FTP, Cat.5e UTP/Cat.5e FTP),Optical fiber cables, Electrical cables 8 – 4 AWG,power cables,etc. 

Mibils manufactures types of cable labels, please measure the cable outside diameter first if you don’t find yours within the recommended wire range, send email to us, we can custom any cable label per any size.

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