Bespoke High Temperature Adhesive Labels

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Product Details

Mibils labels manufacturers, founded in 2002  in China, has been supplying customized high temperature self-adhesive labels service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with affordable price from us.

Product Description


Suitable for  up to 350 C degrees

High temperature adhesive

Resistant to chemical and stain

Supplied plain or bespoke printing

Compatible with thermal transfer printing

Variable data or unique code and graphic


Good performance in harsh environment

Quality printing


Label nameBespoke high temperature adhesive labels
Label stock materialhigh temperature resistant kapton film/ PI film
AdhesiveHigh temperature adhesive
Surface finishLaminated, or varnished
DesignCustom design
Purposeindustry labels
ColorWhite, yellow, blue, pink...
Available thickness1 mil (0.025 mm) and 2 mil (0.05 mm) or custom
StandardCE, ROHS
Identification of circuit boards, other electronic components or others 
SampleAvailable once request 

High temperature labels

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Bespoke printed high temperature label

Bespoke High Temperature Adhesive Labels.jpg

Usage: high temperature labels, printed circuit labels, industry labels, marking system label, electronic component labels, high temperature tape.


High temperature resistant self-adhesive labels constructured of polyimide film and printable coating, are widely used for identification of circuit boards and other electronic components in the SMT process (it is also known as PI labels/pcb labelling/Kapton labels) that require label materials which can withstand process temperatures in excess of 300°C. The label can survive a wide variety of fluxes, cleaning agent, and other chemicals with good dimensional stability.

The high temperature label is also known as Kapton lable, printed with the appropriate thermal transfer printer and thermal transfer ribbon.

Please contact summer for any high temperature self-adhesive labels. 

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