Blue Matte Polyimide Labels

Blue Matte Thermal Transfer labels,thermal transfer matte blue polyimide label with a high temperature resistant permanent acrylic adhesive. Ideal for printed circuit board PCB labeling.

Product Details

Blue Matte Polyimide labels

Product Description

Ideal for high temperature enviroment

To protect printed circuit boards during soldering

As Electrical insulation on transformer, motor, and coil....

Extremely strong PI film

Resistant to water, tear, abrasion, acid, oil, solvents, age stains, and water.

Stronger adhesion


Item Name

Blue Matte Polyimide labels

Film TypePolyimide, PI
SizeCustomized size
Adhesive Thickness50 micron
Release Liner80g glassine liner
AdhesivePressure sensitive
ColorsMatt  Blue
Surface Matte
Custom designAccept
Surface PrintBlank
PackingIn Roll
DeliveryExpress, Air shipping

Matte blue QR pre-printed polyimide labels


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