Halogen Free 572°F Safe QR Kapton Stickers

350 degree C super high temperature resistance and chemical solvent resistance feature, strong bonding to PCB performance, Compliance with ROHS standard, Self adhesive, High resolution of barcode printing.....

Product Details

Halogen Free 572°F Safe QR Kapton Stickers



Compliant with RoHS

Multiple and assorted colors for PCB components easy identification

High temperature label for PCB and electronic components

Withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals


Best option for the aluminum and steel industries

Environmentally safe material

Flame retardant

Thermal printing

REACH and RoHS compliant label

Marking of batteries, electronics components, and product identification

PCB labels Preprinted with 128 barcode and running numbers

Barcode printing heat safe stickers for PCB identification and production process marking

Mibils offer barcode printing service, feel free to contact us for printed polyimide labels

Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional halogen free 572°f safe qr kapton stickers supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.
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