High Temperature Labels For Tin Furnace

High Temperature Labels for Tin Furnace, China leading supplier of custom high-temperature labels, decals, and tags, offers a wide selection of heat resistant stickers and chemical resistant label options. Polyimide is generally considered the best material for industry applications in temperatures up to 350°C.

Product Details

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PCBA Industry applications

Wide application range for high-temperature labels include electronics, steel, aluminum, aerospace, and machinery industries.

Product identification and the presentation of ID informatio

350C safe, Durable materials that won't melt or disintegrate and shrink in extreme heat

Chemicals and solvents resistant


● High heat resistant barcodes for the PCBA SMT electronics industry

● High Temperature Labels for Tin Furnace

Blank PCB labels in roll

High heat safe polyimide labels

Pre-printed barcode SMT labels

Rohs Certificate as below

Polyimide PCB label Rohs certificate.jpg

Mibils products include the following labels:

1. Print Labels

2. Blank Labels

3. High Temperature Labels

4. Cryogenic Labels

5. Cable Labels

6. Tamper Evident Labels

7. Anti-Fake Labels

8. Flame Retardant Labels

9. Anti-static Labels

10. Tire Labels

11. Warning Sticker Attention Label

12. Flame Retardant Labels

13. Shipping Labels

14. Security Stickers

15. Specialty Labels


We print all kinds of labels for customers according to their requirements, including their own design, adhesive material, film material, surface finish, quantity...

Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional high temperature labels for tin furnace supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.
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