Opaque Polyimide Labels

Opaque Polyimide Labels, high-temperature labels in polyimide materials that are well suited for extremely high temperature industrial and electronic applications. Free samples from Chinese supplier was established in 2006.

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Opaque Polyimide Labels


Product Description


Chemical Resistance

Heat resistance

Widely used in printed circuit board industry 

Resistant to a variety of cleaning agents, including:

Zestron Vigon A201

Zestron Vigon N600

Kyzen A4625


Facestock MaterialOpaque Polyimide Labels
Size4*4mm, 5*5mm, 6.35*6.35mm, 7*7mm, 8*8mm
Compatible printerThermal transfer bar code printer
ColorOpaque, white plain
Material Physical

High heat anti-static label, withstands high heat temperatures, excellent in resistant to harsh fluxing and wave solder environments. Be able to go through commonly cleaning

Packingin roll

High heat safe Anti static Self adhesive Labels

Portable scanning device Readable printed barcode high temperature labels

Small size QR pre-printed kapton film labels

Mibils offers high temperature resistant labels in several kinds of materials that are well suited for different industrial and electronic applications:

1. Polyester - Polyester label is the most common material for ordinary high temperature applications. Polyester material can sustain temperatures up to 300° F.    

2. Polyimide- Polyimide label is ideal for printed circuit boards (PCB) identification and labeling, and is available with acrylic or silicone adhesive.  Polyimide material can withstand 662° F(350C) at 80 seconds   

Below is the TDS for polyimide material


Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional opaque polyimide labels supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.
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