Self-adhesive Pcb Label With Barcode

300 degree C excellent high temperature resistance and chemical solvent resistance,good bonding performance, Compliance with ROHS directive,Self-adhesive,Good readability of barcode printing...

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300 degree C excellent high temperature resistance and chemical solvent resistance

Good bonding performance

Compliance with ROHS directive


Good readability of barcode printing

For PCB reflow, Non-reflow, wash processes



     ● High temperature resistant barcodes for the electronics industry

     ● Retrospection of heat treatment process of metal parts in industries such as automobiles and steel

     ● Machine management, information label

PCB labels with barcode

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Self-adhesive pcb labels

Self-adhesive pcb labels with barcode.jpg

Barcode label for pcb labelling

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High temperature resistant  pcb label characteristics:

PCB bar code labels can be produced according to customer requirements. According to the thickness, there are 25 (1 = 1 um), 50um, 75um, and other specifications, which is related to the actual requirements of the manufacturer. Due to its excellent dielectric properties and good anti-smear, scratch-resistance and high-temperature resistance, polyimide is widely used in many special occasions, such as electronic products produced under high temperature conditions, mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, Air conditioning compressors, etc. Need to use the ribbon for high print quality thermal transfer printing.


High temperature and lead-free application series of thermal transfer labels, especially suitable for the harsh working environment with high temperature requirements for labels to achieve international standards for industrial lead-free processes, characters or barcodes for printed circuit boards or other electronic parts The ideal choice. High-temperature pcb labels can be printed barcode with thermal transfer, and exhibit first-class reading rate, showing excellent chemical and wear resistance, high temperature resistance at 300 °C, resistance to various fluxes, fluxes and cleaning chemicals such as agents and extreme environments with high temperatures and wear ensure excellent performance in a variety of extreme and demanding applications, is the choice to achieve a lead-free process:

    1. ultra-thin material structure is suitable for the whole process of processing, to meet the demanding requirements of the solder paste screen printing process.

     2. The ultra-thin characteristics are in line with the trend of miniaturization and high density development of 3C products such as MP3.

     3. can withstand 330 ° C / 15 minutes: no falling off, no deformation; resist all kinds of chemical erosion and various wear; maintain the stability of quality; reach the international standard of lead-free industrial process.


Application industry: PCB circuit board labels, mobile phone label, mobile phone battery labels, various electrical labels, laptop labels, mechanical and electrical products labels

Rohs Certificate as below

Polyimide PCB label Rohs certificate.jpg

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