Small Printing PCB Marker Labels

High resolution label materials,Resistant to extremely temperature,Superior chemical resistance,Can endure freezer storage and/or harsh environments,High density data,Durability,Used as PCB Marking label,Rohs compliant,Printed Circuit Board Labels for Reflow, Non-reflow And Wash Processes ...

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Small Printing PCB Marker Labels

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High resolution label materials

Resistant to extremely temperature up to 400°C

Superior chemical and abrasion resistance

Can endure freezer storage and/or harsh environments

Thermal transfer and dot matrix printable, high density data allowed


Used as PCB marker label

Printed circuit board labels for reflow, non-reflow and wash processes

Be able to do smallest size to 2mm x 2mm

Rohs compliant ( lead free )



ItemSmall PCBs Labels
Film OptionsMatte white polyimide, white polyimide, high gloss white polyimide, high gloss yellow polyimide, semi-gloss white polyimide, ESD semi-gloss white polyimide
Adhesive AvailableHigh temperature adhesive,high temperature ESD safe adhesive, high temperature flame retardant adhesive
PrintingCustom Barcode, qr code, serial number or custom printing
SizeSmall labels 2mm x 2mm, 5mm x 5 mm, 7mmx 7mm...
Resolutionup to 600dpi
DesignPer client's design
ColorWhite, yellow, pink, blue or others
Packingin roll or sheet
Sample Time1-4 working days
Delivery Time3-10 working days
ShippingSeaship, airship, or FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT or per your request
Shelf LifeStored at 26° C / 60% relative humidity for 1 year
Payment TermT/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union...
SampleFREE Sample

Small PCB Labels

small PCB marker labels.jpg

Printing Small PCBs Marker Labels with Variable Data

electronic pc board component-labeling sticker Small Printing PCB Marker Labels

Small QR Barcode Printing Labels for Board Marking

small-printing-pcb-marker-labels stickers

Advantages and benefits:

As PCBs become smaller, this require small size of label for tracing purpose, PCB producers need small label to print barcode, qr codes, especially for harsh manufacturing process. Mibils small pcb marker labels enable PCBs makers to print barcodes or variable date to accurately track their products through all phases of manufacturing, saying soldering reflux ( reflow oven ), wave soldering reflow and chemical cleaning cycle.

PCB manufacturer can now take full advantage of the latest thermal transfer ribbon technologies to precisely print 600 dpi barcodes with higher data densities

PCBs label materials include polyimide films that remain stable at high temperatures. The coatings facestock are able to resist the harshest of fluxes without smear after processes including wave solder, reflow, high pressure washes, and most cleaning processes .


PCBs Labels can be printed with barcode, alphanumeric identification and QR code for marking PCB or electronic components. It can be used for surface mount board processes on either the top or bottom side of the board, not only on the top side of the board in mixed processes, but also on the bottom side which is directly exposed to the wave solder environment.

Rohs Certificate:

Polyimide PCB label Rohs certificate.jpg

Any interest, welcome to contact us to custom your own small pcb marker labels for reflow, non-reflow and wash processes.

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