Withstand Heat And Aggressive Chemicals PCB Labels

Withstand Heat and Aggressive Chemicals PCB labels, Super heat resistant performance kapton material. Withstanding extremely high heat temperature up to 400C degree. Anti-static. Halogen free, Lead free. ROHS compliant. Anti-chemicals....

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Withstand Heat and Aggressive Chemicals PCB labels

Mibils fully checking video of high temperature labels

Product Description

Polyimide label materials can provide value and flexibility throughout the PCB supply chain. Our polyimide tags work well at the very high temperatures used in today's lead-free soldering (up to 260°C for 5 minutes). After using powerful cleaners commonly used for soldering and PCB cleaning, these printed labels remain clear and easy to read. Our mature polyimide matt white grades are suitable for the most demanding PCB label applications, which need to withstand extreme peak temperatures of +280°C. These grades have excellent resistance to highly corrosive solvents, and can also be printed with high resolution and excellent functionality. Many PCB soldering processes specify a maximum temperature of +240°C to +260°C, usually not exceeding 280°C. The process temperature is specific to the final product and final application. The Mibils polyimide product portfolio fully meets all PCB labeling requirements.


Withstanding high temperature up to 350C degree


Halogen free

Lead free

ROHS compliant

Solvent resistant, waterproof, tear proof


Withstand Heat and Aggressive Chemicals PCB labels

Label name

PCB label

MaterialHigh heat resistant kapton

Surface finish


Adhesive type



Code 128,QR code, datamaxtrx, running numbers, Serial numbers

Printing color

Per your needs

Label colorMatte White
AdhesivePermanent or removable

Label size



OEM design


Where requires high temperature resistant like PCB solding...

Printer type

Thermal transfer printing

Roll core

25.4mm, 38.1mm, 76mm or comes special label holder

Small pre cut size kapton labels, Across 4, no one lossing labels

high temperature labels 9

Mibils offers high quality high temperature polyimie labels, premium die cut quality, full checking before shipment.

Save your time cost and labour cost for automatic machine labelling process

high temperature labels 8

Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional withstand heat and aggressive chemicals pcb labels supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.
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