1.8ml Cryovials Label For Cryo Preservation

Cryovial label, 1.8ml Cryo Lab Tag from Professional Cryogenic Label Supplier offering you Cryogenics vial tag, High Quality Cryogenic Vial Self Adhesive Labels for Cyro preservation and storage -196C...

Product Details

1.8ml Cryovials Label for Cryo preservation

Product Description


a. Perform well in mechanical freezers, and in nitrogen (gas and liquid phase).

b. Excellent solvent resistance, biochemical corrosion resistance, UV light resistance, weatherability, high temperature sterilization resistance.

c. Provides excellent ink adhesion and adapts to heat transfer and other printing methods.

d. Adhere well to plastic( saying PP), glass and metal cryogenic preservation vials and boxes without cracking, peeling or degrading or shrink.

e. Non-toxic

f. For extreme storage conditions like liquid phase of nitrogen


Item Name1.8ml cryovial labels 
MaterialCryogenic resistant material
DesignBespoke design
AdhesiveLow temperature resistant adhesive
TypeCryovial labelstock 
PrintingUV printing, or thermal transfer printing
PackingIn sheets or rolls
Vial size1.8ml cyrovial or custom
UsageHospital, lab, clinics, pharmaceutial companies,research centres, universities, rearch & development institution

Cryovials label for Cryo preservation

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Label for 1.8ml Cyrogenic vial

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1.8ml vials Label for Cryo preservation

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Purpose of cryovial labels 

Intended for identification of cryovial for cryogenic preservation and storage of biological material,medical material, such as preservation of cell cultures, tissue samples, microbial samples (eg viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds and spores), human and animal samples (eg plasma, serum, semen and antibodies), DNA, RNA and protein samples.


Cryogenic vial labels, designed for medical technology, forensics, biology and laboratory research, meets the cryogenic, sterile and dust-free requirements for laboratory marker, and can withstand the needs of medical and laboratory biochemical tests. Meet centrifuges and other stringent requirements, no brittle in the wet and harsh conditions, showing a first-class stable quality and high reading rate.


Effectively manage labortaries, track the cyro vial and cyro tube to eliminate the occurrence of medical errors.


Cryogenic pharmaceutical 

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Electric power transmission

Frozen food

Forward looking infrared (FLIR)

Blood banking

Cryogenic equipment for Biological research, Fertility, Blood banking, Tissue banking and cell banking to the healthcare sector

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