Bespoke Centrifuge Tube Labels For Laboratory

To label Centrifuge Tube in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory, available for different material Centrifuge tube such as PE tube(polyethylene), PA tube (polyallomer), CAB tube (celluloseacetobutyrate), PC tube (polycarbonate), PCR tube (polyclear), PS tube (polystyrol), PF tube (polyflor)...

Product Details

Product Description


Designed for Centrifuge tube labeling in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory.


More than quality.

Strong adhesive, not falling off .

High flexibility, suitable for both curved and flat surface, especially for curved tube. 

Thermal transfer printing and laser printing allowable.

Bespoke design.

Rohs compliant.


Item NameCentrifuge Tube label
MaterialSpeciaty material
SizeDesign to size
DesignBespoke design
Per request
Printing ContentsCustom printing
AdhesivePermanent adhesive
Packingin roll or sheet
UsageLabotary tube marker...

Centrifuge tube labels

Bespoke Cyrogenic Centrifuge Tube label (2).jpg

Bespoke tube label

Bespoke Cyrogenic Centrifuge Tube label.jpg

Mibils Labels factory has been providing custom lab tube label services since 2002 for types of Centrifuge tube, the tubes include PE Centrifuge tube(polyethylene),  PA Centrifuge tube (polyallomer), CAB Centrifuge tube (celluloseacetobutyrate), PC Centrifuge tube (polycarbonate), PCR Centrifuge tube (polyclear), PS Centrifuge tube (polystyrol), PF Centrifuge tube (polyflor), please contact us to bespoke your design Centrifuge tube labels.

Please freely contact us to bespoke the tube label now.

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