Cryogenic Self-adhesive Labelstock For Cryo Storage

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Cryogenic Self-adhesive Labelstock for Cryo Storage

Product Description


Superior adhesion to small radius containers provides firm adhesion to test tubes, ampules and vials.

Reliable identification of plastic and glass vessels for long-term cryo storage in liquid nitrogen.

The Cryo labelstocks have passed the strict criteria of specialist cryogenic.

Can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delamination.

Works with thermal transfer printer or laser printer.

Barcode can be scanned accurately for small cryovials and cyrto test-tubes.

Good performance on curved surface providing reliable identification of blood, DNA, tissue and stem cells.


ItemSelf-adhesive labelstock for cryo storage
TypeCyrogenic self-adhesive labelstock
DiecutCustom diecut
Material Cyro resistant material
SizeMeets your size
ColorCustom color
PrintingBarcode, batch number, qr code
ApplicationCryo storage, saying cryo tubes,microtube,vial
Operation EnvironmentCryo extremely cold enviroment
AdhesiveAcrylic-based adhesive
Packing Formin roll or sheet
Delivery Time3-9 work day

Cryogenic Self-adhesive Labels for Microcentrifuge Tubes 

Cryogenic self-adhesive labelstock for Cyro Storage.jpg 


Cryogenics, Cryobiology, Cryoconservation of animal genetic resources, Cryoelectronics. 

Mibils specializes in cryogenic self-adhesive labels and freezer lab labels for long term cryo storage for test tube, cryo vials, microtubes and freezer container, please email us to custom cryogenic label sticker.

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