Cryovial Labels For Frozen Tube Tag

Temperature range from -196°C to +100°C,Label frozen vials seconds after their removal from cryogenic storage, Compatible with all major brands of thermal transfer barcode printers,Designed for cryogenic vials...

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Cryovial labels for frozen tube tag

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Temperature resistance range from -196°C to +100°C

Labeling frozen vials tube seconds after their removal from cryogenic storage

Compatible with all major thermal transfer barcode printers

Designed for Cryogenic Vials and Frozen Tubes

Strong adhesive

Easy peel and stick


Item NameCryovial labels for frozen tube tag
SubstrateCryo material
DesignDepending on your requirements
AdhesiveAcrylic adhesive
PrintPreprint or blank
UsageSterile polypropylene cryogenic vials id marker
Use with vials1.5ml vial, 1.8ml vial, 2ml, 2.5ml, 2.8ml 3ml, 4.5ml, 4.8ml or custom...
SampleFree of charge sample


Cryogenic vial labelling is not a easy job for many bio-pharma research labs, cell banks, biorepositories and other laboratories involved in the biopreservation of samples in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature freezers.  Mibils cryo label tag with adhesive perform well on a cryogenically frozen surface, it is good identification for vials containing biological materials, like frozen cells.


Effectively trace and manage vial in labs.

Cryo vial tube labels

Cryovial Labels For Frozen Tube Tag.jpg

Labeling cyrovial and frozen tube

Cryovial labels for frozen tube tag.jpg

Mibils has years experience in cryo vial tube labeling, is able to custom cyro labels for frozen vials and tubes, please contact us to if you need any help on custom cryo vials ID labels.

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