Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilization Label Stickers Adhesive

Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilization Label Stickers Adhesive featured Very adhesive, Custom print, Pre-cut to your own size Good for Ethylene Oxide ( EO ) sterilization indicating, Rohs...

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Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilization Label Stickers Adhesive

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Very adhesive

Custom print

Pre-cut to your own size

Good for Ethylene Oxide ( EO ) sterilization indicating



MaterialSpecial PaperPrinting colorCMYK, Pantone...
Material Color White or customizedMOQ1000pcs
Labeling surfaceTube, bottle...PackingCarton

PackingOn roll or on sheet
PriceExwork or FOB Shenzhen (based on material, size, color, quantity)

Delivery Time4-7 days for sample making, 5-7 days for mass production
PaymentBy TT, Paypal, Western Union, L/C...

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Label Stickers

Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilization Label Sticker Adhesive (3)

Custom Printing EO Sterilization Label 

Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilization Label Sticker Adhesive

Change of Labels before Test and after Test

EO Sterilization Indication Label Sticker

Red dot turn into Blue dot

Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilization Label Sticker Adhesive (4)

Labels for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Indication

Ethylene Oxide Label Sticker Adhesive


THIS ETHYLENE OXIDE STERILIZATION LABEL STICKER product is suitable for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food, health products, beverages, health and epidemic prevention, medical device manufacturers and sterilization service institutions and other departments for sterilization of ethylene oxide, used to indicate whether the sterilization package has passed ethylene oxide The sterilization process of ethane is also used for the detection and judgment of the indication effect of ethylene oxide sterilization.


1. Peel off the ethylene oxide sterilization instruction label from the backing paper, stick it directly on the surface of the package of goods to be sterilized, and lightly press the label to strengthen its packaging effect, and then put it in the ethylene oxide sterilization room for Sterilization.

2. After the sterilization is completed, take out the package and observe the color change of the indicator label. If the label changes from red to blue, it means that the package has been sterilized; if the label color does not change, it means that the package has not been sterilized.


This instruction label only provides information on whether the sterilized items have been sterilized with ethylene oxide, and does not reflect the degree and effect of the sterilization of the sterilized items.

This product is not suitable for use inside instruments such as infusion bottles, tubes, barrels, etc.

This product should not be in direct contact with water, and the indicator card should not be placed directly on the surface of metal or glass materials that easily form condensed water.

This product should be prohibited from contact with corrosive gases such as acid and alkali, and should not coexist with polluted or toxic chemicals, so as not to affect the color rendering performance of the indicator.

Do not use the product if the indicator mark of the product is discolored.

This product can only be used for chemical monitoring of ethylene oxide sterilization, not for pressure steam, dry heat sterilization monitoring

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