Freezer Labels 69.85mm X 31.75mm

Product Description Item: freezer labels Size: 2.75" x 1.25" / 69.85mm x 31.75mm Label across: 1 Color: white Label core: 1", 3" or custom Perforation: yes Adhesive: acrylic adhesive Temperature range: -80°C to +110°C Labels for tubes, vial, freezer boxes, plastic bag storage...

Product Details

Product Description

Specialized freezer labels 

Size: 2.75" x 1.25" / 69.85mm x 31.75mm

Label across: 1

Color: white

Label core: 1", 3" or custom

Perforation: yes

Adhesive: acrylic adhesive 

Temperature range: -80°C to +110°C

Labels for tubes, vial, freezer boxes, plastic bag storage

Freezer labels for identification of vials, tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags, freezer container (-80°C). Designed for long-term biopreservation in laboratory freeze and harsh environments. Ideal for dry ice, biomedical logistics and cryogenic transportation. 

Freezer Label 69.85mm x 31.75mm 

Freezer Label 69.85 x 13.75mm.jpg

Freezer Labels on roll

Freezer Label.jpg

Please email us to custom design manufacture freezer labels. 

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