Medical Lab Labels For Cryo Tube Vial

Medical Lab Labels for Cryo Tube Vial, suitable for use in the medical industry and other environments that require low temperatures.

Product Details

Medical Lab Labels for Cryo Tube Vial

Product Description


High perdormance: Anti scratch, water proof and oil proof and solvent resistant

Work well on Dry ice, boling water and liquid nitrogen 

High resolution printing


Good adhesion to the pasted materials including polypropylene, glass, PVC and steel

Support various printing methods, such as UV flexo printing, thermal transfer printing and UV inkjet printing

A variety of surface materials are available, including transparent film and white film for different purposes and temperatures

Can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles

Label Speical properties:

This label can be used normally in an environment of -80°C without falling off and warping. It is suitable for use in the medical industry and other environments that require low temperatures.

With the continuous advancement of genetics applications, blood transfusion medicine, organ transplantation and stem cell technology, more than one million human tissue samples need to be collected every year. The processing, collection and transportation of each sample need to be carried out in a low temperature environment.

The durability of low-temperature-resistant label materials is crucial for biological preparations and pharmaceutical products, because blood, stem cells and all tissues need to be cooled to below 0 degrees for storage, such as -196°C (liquid nitrogen cold meal). Biological activities will stop in an environment where the temperature is below -130°C. Therefore, storing the sample material in such a temperature environment is very necessary to maintain the unchanged state of the material. In order to ensure that these products can complete the medical mission of saving lives and creating lives when needed in the future, it is not only necessary to protect these products from deterioration, but also to ensure that their identification labels will not be damaged in a low temperature environment.


Item Name

Medical Lab Labels for Cryo Tube Vial

MaterialCyrogenic resistant material
SizeCustom size
AdhesiveCryo safe adhesive
TypeCryogenic labels
PrintingUV printing or thermal transfer printing
PackingIn rolls
UsageHospital,clinics, laboratory, Colleage
Payment TermT/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
Sample Time2-4 working days
Transportation ModeSeaship, airship or FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT
Delivery Time2-5 working days
SampleFree of charge sample

Custom size barcode printable cryo tags

lab labels 4.4

lab labels 3.3

Traceable low temperature resistant label stickers

lab labels 5.5

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