Test Tubes Vials Labeltag For Cryogenic Storage

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Product Details

Product Description


Solvent-resistant, water-based adhesive.

Excellent cold temperature performance.

The best performance under extreme conditions.

Resists degradation from scuffing, chemicals, moisture and wide temperature fluctuations.

Print labtag barcode for easy tracking.

Works with all thermal transfer printers.

Crisp, clear, professional quality printing.

Specially coated for printing with a resin ribbon. 


ItemCryo test tubes vial labeltag
NameTest tube labeltag
ShapeCustom die cut shape
Material optionsPaper, PVC, PET, PP, coated paper
DesignCustom design cryo label
TypeCryogenic labeltag 
Operation environmentTough cold environment
Size and logoCustomized size and logo
ApplicationCryo storage including test tube and test vials
PackagingRoll or sheet
Place of originShenzhen, China

Designed for test tubes vials labeling for cryogenic storage

Test Tube&Vials Label Tag

Test Tubes Vials Labeltag for Cryogenic Storage.jpg

Please feel free to contact us to custom test tubes vials labeltag for cyrogenic.

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