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New Generation Laser Printer Cable Labeling Marker Flag

Nov 14, 2019

Mibils is offering NEW GENERATION CABLE LABELING MARKER FLAG, the label is with strong adhesive in assorted colors available, the unique ID helps keep cable wires, network,  voice  and data  linesorganized  and running effectively for long time. You are free to print customized data on the wire marker. The A4 size wire sticker sheet give you the freedom of being able to print a single label or multiple labels  at a time using any types of laser printer.

New generation laser printer cable labeling marker flag stickers

Mibils is able to supply preprinted A4 size Laser Printer Cable Lable and plain Laser Printer Wire Sticker Flag, please contact us freely if you need any help. More information, please visit us at www.milabels.com.