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SMT Material Error Prevention And Traceability

Aug 05, 2020

SMT Material Error Prevention and Traceability

Product introduction:

"SMT material error prevention and traceability system" is a workshop operation management system provided by MIBILS software department for small and medium enterprises in the PCBA mounting industry. It can provide users with software and implementation services based on "material error prevention" and "tracing" goals.     


product description

Top of form

The "SMT material error prevention and traceability system" is a workshop operation management system provided by the MIBILS software department for small and medium-sized PCBA mounting industries. It can provide users with software and implementation services based on the "material error prevention" and "tracing" objectives, including:

1. Prevent component loading errors, such as reel (Reel) on the wrong material station, refueling/refilling errors;

2. Foolproof control of operations, compulsory comparison of PCB barcode missed scanning, errors, uncompleted loading and other phenomena, and mandatory requirements to be implemented in accordance with production regulations;

3. Integrate with various mainstream brand placement equipment, such as Panasonic, SIEMENS, JUKI, FUJI, HITACHI, Universal, Samsung, Mydata, Assembleon and other placement machines;

4. Realize the traceability of components and finished PCBA, and provide users with reliable traceability reports.



1. Multi-code associated printing of Reel ID/PPID, the material barcode inherits the original information of the material roll/PCB, and can easily trace D/C, L/N, supplier, manufacturer, manufacturer part number and other information;

2. A variety of ways to obtain the material station table, including automatic acquisition of various brand placement machines, importing the data source of the Excel format material table, and manually creating the material table; and the relationship between prohibited materials and alternative materials can be maintained according to the material table;

3. Kanban and PDA guided material preparation operations; realize material preparation error prevention;

4. PDA mobile operation scheme realizes loading error prevention:

5. No need for material list, online read placement program information;

6. Loading error-proof, wrong material shutdown (locking machine for wrong feeding);

7. Refueling verification;

8. Material receiving verification;

9. Prohibited materials and substitute materials;

10. First set of material loading integrity verification (the first set of material loading lock machine has not been completed);

11. Compulsory comparison of shift shifts (the shift shift comparison has not been performed to lock the machine);

12. Failed to inspect and lock the machine over time;


5. The loading log can be queried


6. Reliable material traceability report can be provided:

1. Realize accurate component-level traceability, register which components are used on each PCBA, and when they were manufactured on which equipment;

2. Store material list information so that the tag number can be associated with each material;

3.  Store all relevant material information, namely material number, batch number, supplier and date, etc., in the database;

4.  Store the traceability data of multiple rolls if reels or parts are changed during production

Application effect

5.  Full product traceability (process traceability and component traceability)

6.  Improved production efficiency

7. Optimize logistics and eliminate production bottlenecks

8. Meet customer needs