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The Inkjet Printing Market Forecast By2025

Jun 11, 2020

The inkjet printing market is worth USD 80.4 billion in 2020 and is still growing. According to Smithers' latest report "The Future of Inkjet Printing by 2025," the inkjet printing market is currently worth US$80.4 billion, which is almost equivalent to 943 billion A4 prints, and is expected to reach US$118.2 billion by 2025.

Inkjet Printer Market Forecast by 2025

Smithers' analysis of "The Future of Inkjet Printing by 2025" identifies the following key trends and drivers of the growth of inkjet printing in the next five years:


  •Flexibility and agility-Inkjet enables printing companies to become more agile and respond to customer requests.


  •Benefits of digital functions-Only printing on-demand content without the need for physical original features can improve the efficiency of production and supply chain; full variability is possible.


  •New technology-vigorously promoted by manufacturers, providing high-quality and high-reliability high-performance machines. The integrated manufacturing method combines pre-press with printing and post-press processing in a single pass, changing the economics of product manufacturing, not just printing.


  •Non-impact printing-inkjet can be used to print on very delicate irregular materials.


• Changes in the retail supply chain-The growth of e-commerce (and now mobile commerce) allows retailers to use transport packaging as a tool to communicate with consumers and expand packaging capabilities, and to interact with consumers in new ways while improving them The experience of receiving packages.

Colored Inkjet Material PP Printable Labels


   Sustainability-The potential overall advantage over simulated alternatives, reducing waste and reducing the use of chemicals and materials. Printing the required content at any time helps eliminate redundancy in the entire supply chain.

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