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Various Colors Of High Temperature Safe Labels To Distinguish Different SMT Production Lines

Aug 02, 2020

High Temperature Safe Labels in Different Colors To Distinguish Different SMT Production Lines

The unique color of high temperature resistant label series can be used for OEM factories to distinguish different production lines.


Colorful high temperature label is made of polyimide (PI) substrate and color coating.

   Mainly used in electronics factories to distinguish different SMT production lines, products produced in different seasons or to match the special identification of different circuit board colors.

  This label is different from the traditional surface dyeing process, the surface color will not fall off after high temperature oven process.

   Does not change color and has the exquisite printing effect equivalent to conventional white heat-resistant labels.

   Application Field:

  1. Process control identification of PCB circuit board SMT surface mount manufacturing process

  2. IC labeling, permanent identification, warranty label, nameplate identification

  3. Product identification, asset traceability; any label product needs to be exposed to extreme temperatures or exposed to strong chemical agents

  4. Applicable to the identification labels of IT electronics, mobile phones, computers, network cards, batteries, automotive electronics, electrical, aviation, power supplies and other products

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