PCB Cleanroom And Electronics Labels

PCB Cleanroom and Electronics Labels, featured anti-tearing, heat insulation, corrosion resistant with High flame retardant adhesive and release film, designed for Digital handheld device, Industry,Automotive,Electrical,Aviation

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PCB Cleanroom and Electronics Labels

Product Description:

ID Label Inc.'s pre-printed blank polyimide (Kapton) labels comply with WEEE and RoHS. These durable labels can withstand continuous temperatures up to 750°F and flash temperatures up to 1000°F. It can withstand harsh heat and chemicals and provide reliable reading speed.

Since electronics manufacturers use both lead-free and lead-free processes, the optional color polyimide label is an ideal solution to distinguish between the two processes. Whether using a standard soldering process or a lead-free soldering process, the printed circuit board label will not fade, brown or turn yellow, and will not be read after two high-temperature oven exposures. This is consistent. 

Our unique label construction is designed to withstand the board process of surface mounting on the top, side or bottom of the board. There is a heat-sensitive adhesive on the back of the label, which can be used under harsh conditions. 


Withstand Harsh Environment, RoHS Compliant

Circuit board labels and component labels

RoHS compliant

Withstand exposure to moisture, heat and solvents


Small size down to 0.25*0.25inches


PCB Cleanroom and Electronics Labels

MaterialPI, kapton
GluePermanent or removable adhesive
ColorPantone or CMYK
Material thickness25#, 50#


Pressure sensitive adhesive

Sizesmall size, 6.35*6.35mm

High temperature polymide labels preprinted with barcode for PCB tracking and indentification

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