Print Destructible Paper Label/Sticker/Seal

Destructible Paper Label,Print Destructible Warranty Sticker made of Destructible brittle paper, Transparent destructive paper,Water-resistant and brittle paper for Lab Vial security, Electronics security, Drugs Warranty Security and so on.

Product Details

Print Destructible Paper LabelStickerSeal



Name Destructible label/sticker/seal
TypeDestructible material
SizeCustom size
DesignCustom design
UsageWarranty security sticker, anti-counterfeiting sticker
Releaser Liner80g Glassine, 140g
MaterialDestructive paper
Printing Technology
Thermal transfer printing, UV printing, silk screen printing, offset printing
 Printing DataText, numbering, logo, datamatrix... 
Thickness0.07mm, 0.1mm, 0.14mm
PackingIn roll or in sheet
CertificationRohs, SGS
SamplingYes, free sampling

Destructible label used as warranty date seal 

100 Print Destructible Paper LabelStickerSeal

Destructible sticker for asset security

Print Destructible Paper LabelStickerSeal for Warranty Security


BBBL brittle paper label: the paper label is fragile and difficult to discharge. The paper thickness is 0.07MM, which is suitable for small labels.

BBL brittle paper label: the label is brittle and can be manually discharged. The paper thickness is 0.1MM, suitable for round, rounded, special-shaped labels, various medium-sized labels, convenient for customers to tear and use.

BL brittle paper sticker: the sticker is slightly destructible and wasteful. The thickness of the paper is 0.1MM, which is suitable for all kinds of large labels and machine labeling.

Transparent destructive paper label:  the transparent destructive label thickness is 0.1MM, the paper facestock  is slightly brittle, and it is very wasteful.

Thickened destructible paper label: the paper label is both brittle and wasteful. The thickness of the paper can reach 0.14MM.

Glossy destructive paper label: paper facestock, such as glossy paper, is very smooth. Paper thickness 0.1MM.

Water-resistant and brittle paper label: this label has double anti-counterfeiting effect. It has the characteristics of tear-proof paper and tear-proof property. It is red in color or can be customized according to your requirements. It is generally dark. After the water is encountered, the background color of the label will be lighter and lighter until it turns white.

Temperature-changing and destructible paper seal : the seal has the dual anti-counterfeiting effect. It has the characteristics of tear-proof of shatter-resistant paper, and has the characteristics of temperature change and discoloration. The color of this product is pink and pink green. When the temperature reaches Above 60 degrees, the label color will turn white. When the temperature returns to room temperature, the label color will change to true color.


The quality of destructible label stickers is directly related to the quality of after-sales service and the economic interests of the merchants. The use of such anti-counterfeiting materials can effectively avoid various losses and disputes.


Widely used in mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automotive electronics, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics, entertainment tickets, assets and other high-end business quality assurance, can also be applied to shopping malls goods anti-theft and anti-tampering, the quality of the goods is characterized by high prices, warranty responsibility and high warranty date accuracy.

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