Alien Passive UHF RFID Cable labels / RFID Seal Tag

RFID Cable Tag, RFID Seal Tag, UHF RFID Cable Tag manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Passive UHF RFID Cable Tag/RFID Seal Tag, Sails Card RFID Silicone Bracelet for Swimming Pool, Time Attendance Reusable RFID Bracelet and so on.

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Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional alien passive uhf rfid cable labels / rfid seal tag supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.

Product Description

Passive UHF RFID Tag Photo Show

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UHF RFID Cable labels in Roll

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UHF RFID Cable tag parameter:
1. Size: 448x28*8mm
2. Frequency: 860-860mhz
3. Material: PVC
4. Standard: EPC G2 ISO18000-6C
5. Print: LOGO, Serial number.( can encode product information )
6. Package: 50pcs per bag, 20bag per carton, 1000pcs per carton.
7. Chip: Alien H3,
8. Working Temperature: -25oC to +65oC
9. Storage Temperature: -35oC to +70oC
10. Reading Distance: 0-8m
11. Capacity: EPC 96bit, TID 64bit, User 512bit.
12. Date Storage:>10years.
13. Type: Write & Read

Application: Warehouse management, Package circulation management,Freight logistics management

RFID Chip Options


Chip ModelRead/WriteMemoryProtocolBrand
GK4001R/O 64bit/Taiwan
EM4100/ EM4102R/O 64bitEM Microelectronic
EM4200R/O 64bit/EM Microelectronic
EM4550R/W 1K bitEM Microelectonic
EM4069R/W128bit/EM Microelectronic
T5577R/W 363bitISO11784/785ATMEL
Hitag1R/W 2K bitNXP 
Hitag 2R/W 256 bitNXP 
Hitag S256R/W 256bitISO11784/785NXP 
Mifare 1KR/W 1K byteISO14443ANXP 
Mifare 4KR/W 4K byteISO14443ANXP 
Mifare Mini S20R/W 320 byteISO14443ANXP 
Mifare UtralightR/W 512 bitISO14443ANXP 
Mifare Utralight CR/W 1536 bitISO14443ANXP 
NTAG203R/W 168byteISO14443ANXP 
Mifare Desfire EV1 2KR/W 2K byteISO14443ANXP
Mifare Desfire EV1 4KR/W 4K byteISO14443ANXP 
Mifare Desfire EV1 8KR/W 8K byteISO14443ANXP 
Mifare Plus S-2K/ X-2KR/W 2K byteISO14443ANXP 
Mifare Plus S-4K/ X-4KR/W 4K byteISO14443ANXP 
I CODE SLIR/W 1024bitISO15693NXP 
I CODE SLI-LR/W 512bitISO15693NXP 
I CODE SLIX_SR/W 2048bitISO15693NXP 
Tag-it 2048R/W 2048bitISO15693/18000-3Texas Instruments
U CODE HSLR/W 2048bitISO18000-6BNXP 
Monza 3R/W 512bitEPC C1 GEN2Impinj
Alien9662R/W 800bitEPC C1 GEN2Alien
EM4324R/W 1024bitISO18000-6BEM Microelectronic

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