Full-transfer Dry Peel Tamper Evident Labels

Transfer Tamper Evident Labels, Dry Peel Tamper Resistant Labels,Full-Transfer Dry Peel Label Manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Tamper Evident Dry Peel Sticker, Dry Peel Self Desctructive Tape, Dry Peel Tamper Evident Tape and so on.

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Waterproof Polyester based films. 

Full transfer.

Made of "dry peel void" materials leaving a void message, that is dry to touch, on the layer of the substrate and on the surface when the label tampered. 

The void message customised.

High tack adhesive. 

Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces.

High performance permanent adhesives.

Dry to touch. 



ItemFull-transfer dry peel tamper evident labels
SubstrateSelf would tamper evident film material
SizeBig size or small size
DesignCustom design
AdhesiveWater based 
TransferFull transfer residue
Printing on top coatWarning, barcode, sequence number, company information
Residue messageVOID, OPENVOID or custom message
ColorRed, Matte Silver and Blue
Peel formDry peel


Full-Transfer Dry Peel Tamper Evident Labels for Security Seals

Full-transfer Dry peel tamper evident labels.jpg

Full-transfer Dry Peel Tamper Evident Labels with OPENVOID

Full-transfer peel tamper evident-labels.jpg

Dry Peel Tamper Evident Labels Sample

Dry peel tamper-evident labels application.jpg


Dry peel tamper evident labels can be used for different applications, and used as security sealing label where a plastic seal would not be suitable, such as industry security seals, retail packaging seals and Healthcare packing tamper evident label. Once sticked to the surface, a "VOID" message on any parts of the label will transfer fully to surface if label peeled off of the original surface. 

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