High-tack Tamper Proof Polyester Labels

Tamper Evident Void Labels, Anti Counterfeiting Stickers, Anti Fake Security Void Seal manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Quallity Custom Tamper Evident Labels; Tamper Evident Void Seal, Hot Sale Ultra-Destructable Labels, Security Void Tape for Product,Packaging and so on.

Product Details

Mibils Precision, founded in 2002, is a professional high quallity custom printing tamper evident labels; tamper resistant void seal supplier in China, offering you the customized service. Welcome to buy the high quality label with competitive price from us.

Product Description 



Item NameTamper proof labels/seals/tags
Film TypePolyester
FunctionAnti-Theft, Anti-counterfeit
Transfer TypeCustom transfer
Face Film Thickness 25,50,36 micron
Release Liner80g glassine liner
GlueStrong acrlyic
ColorsCustom color
Surface Glossy, Matte
Hidden Message(Text)VOID, OPENVOID, OPENED, custom
Transfer ResideHigh residue / low residue
Surface PrintOffer
PackagingIn Reel or in sheet
DeliveryExpress, by air or by sea
SamplesFree sample
Please note: everything can be customized such as material,size,design,color...

Tamper Proof Polyester Label

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"VOID" Deters Any Tampering

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How does tamper proof work?
Tamper evident proof material label/tags/tapes which are made of Polyester can be classified as:

  1. Reveals warning message or graphic once opened.

  2. The layer will be separated then reveal the hidden message once removed in order to avoid every attempt to open, remove and reseal. Applicable for the transportation, anti-counterfeiting seal, security seal. 

1. Use for label, illustration, logo and bar code printing. When stick to the object, structure destroy and proof trace will appear once opened.
2. The hidden graphics & words can not be visible before using, so won't affect the overall design.
3. Easy to use.
4. To prevents any forgery by colorful copy and delaminating scan.
5. Unique automatic-breach design, one-time use, anti-juggle, and anti-deny, anti-tamper.
6. Special message or graphic is available according to customers requirement, so to show the unique, exclusive, professional and personal.
7. Can not see the hidden words "VOID" before peel off the face film, after peeling off, the face material will appear warning message or graphics.

1. Used to all types of tamper proof products, and other fields of anti-fake. Tamper proof void
stickers can be provided to printing enterprises for printing label sticker, seal labels.
2. To prevent label, sticker being used again after peeling off.
3. To prevent the contents of the product or packaging were opened, changed, embezzlement. It is the anti-forgery seal of the product.
4. To prevent the documents, mail and parcels unauthorized open.
5. Tamper proof labels/tags/tapes are widely used for packaging of electronic, bank, cosmetics, police, government, express, medicine, ect trades.

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