Non-transfer Security VOID Tape

Product Description Features: Improve security, guards against unauthorized access, the inscription " VOID" on material appears once lifted, strong initial tack, resistant to water, solvent, tamper evident, non-transfer...

Product Details

Non-transfer security void tape

Product Description


Guards against unauthorized access

The inscription on material appears once lifted 

Can not to be resealed

Strong initial tack

Resistant to water, solvent 

Tamper evident


high adhesion


Substrate thickness25-75 microns
Hidden messagevoid or custom
GlueAcrylic adhesive
Release linerWith or without
Transfer typeNon-tranfer, no residue
DesignCustom design
ColorPer your request...
StandardTSA regulations
Application Security tape, shipping tape, void tape, sealing tape, box void tape, container tape
Compatible surfaceCardboard, paper, plastic, metal...
IndustryPackaging & shipping

Non-transfer security void tape ( non-reside left behind over applied surface )

Non-transfer VOID tape.jpg


a. Provide evident of breach 

b. Identify the true

c. Text and bar code printable

d. The tape will be destroyed and evident trace will appear once lifted

e. The hidden text“void" message are invisible, so it won’t affect the overall design

f. Against forgery

g. Desctructible, one-time use

h. Other hidden text allowable

How doe tamper evident security void tape work? 

"VOID" message will reveal on the tape itself if the security tape is removed and no message will be transferred onto the application carton. It deters unauthorized access by showing obvious evidence of opening, the permanent destroy can't be returned back to original. Suitable for high-quality or high-value item or packing to be reused.

Please email us to custom non-transfer void tape.

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