Printable High Residue VOID Sticker Labels

VOID Sticker labels, high residue void labels from a leading supplier in Shenzhen China, offering you the customized void label service, including printing void labels, blank void labels, matte white void stickers, voidopen roll labels...

Product Details

Printable High Residue VOID sticker labels

Product Description


Very sticky adhesive

Durable plastic

Printable, including logo printing, void-wording printing


High residue

Rohs compliant

Usage: custom void labels, packaging security seals, shipping security labels, packaging void labels

Once removed, 'Void' pattern will appear on the backing of label and applied product and it will be unable to used again

VOID sticker labels specification:

Label Name

High Residue VOID sticker labels

VOID Thickness



Non-removable adhesive

DesignCustom design

Dry Coating Weight

2g/square meter

Peel Adhesivon


Release Liner Thickness

Glassine liner (80g) white coated liner (180g)

Tensile Strength




Color Available

White, gloss silver, matte silver, metalic, red, black, blue...



Release Force


Holding Power

24 hours

Temp Range

-5 to +40°C


Water, common solvent

Breaking Strength



Custom your own printing


Packaging labelling sticker



Delivery Time6-10 working days

"VOID" label example

Printable High Residue VOID sticker labels.jpg

VOID sticker label sticked well

Printable High Residue VOID sticker labels (3).jpg

High residue left if void sticker lifted

Printable High Residue VOID sticker labels (2).jpg

Void labels stickers on sheets

Printable High Residue VOID sticker labels (4).jpg

Rohs Compliant Material

tamper evident adhesive sticker.jpg

What is High Residue Void Material?

High residue void material is a kind of security material, mainly designed for tamper proof and security protection with non-removable adhesive, and void wording will be on shown when attempted, the label with void material has been widely used in various industries business, office, packaging, logistic, medical, especially in shipping for warranty tracing and security management. 

Mibils has been manufacturing VOID sticker labels for 16 years, please contact us to custom types of void labels.

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