Red Tamper Evident VOID Warning Labels

VOID Warning Label, Safety Labels, Tamper evident VOID Warning sticker supplier & manufacturer in China, offering you the customized tamper resistant label sticker products, e.g. transfer warning label, non-transfer warning label... Welcome to buy the high quality tamper evident warning void label with factory price from us....

Product Details

Red Tamper Evident VOID Warning Labels

Product Description



OPENVOID warning

Tamper evident



Bespoke surface printing and warning message


                                Red Tamper Evident VOID Warning Labels

Label Name

Tamper Evident VOID Warning Labels


Special material


Tamper-resistant adhesive

Peel Adhesion

12# ball

Release Liner Thickness

Glassine liner (80g) white coated liner (180g)


Red or specified by you

Smoothness and printability 


Holding Power

24 hours

Temeperature Range


Breaking Strength


Surface Printing

Customized printing message


Tamper evident warning label, VOID warning labels


Personalized size

Packingin Roll or sheet

Red Tamper Evident VOID Warning Label 

Red Tamper-Evident VOID Warning Label.jpg 

Tamper Evident VOID Warning Label after Tampered ( openvoid appear )

Red Tamper Evident void Warning Labels.jpg

What surface to apply red tamper evident VOID warning labels?

They work on most surfaces: plastic, cardboard,powder coated metal, paper, glass,wood etc... 

How about applications?

Tamper evident void label applications include: Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Logistic shipping, etc.

Is there any adhesive residue left on applied surface after tampered or removed?

Non-residue or residue depending on your request.

Can I custom tamper evident void warning label?

Yes, you can, everything can be customized, such as custom printing (any text, consecutive numbers and/or consecutive Bar codes), custom material, custom color,custom residue...

Any help for tamper evident warning labels, please contact us now to custom service.

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