Tamper Evident Security Warning Labels

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Product Details

Tamper Evident Security Warning Labels

Product Description:


Self-sealing adhesive warning label has security features that exceed requirement for levels of tampering evidence.

Security warning label will display "VOID" message.

Very aggressive adhesive.

Microprint fades if seals are broken and resealed.

Alphanumeric coding, bar code and tear-off receipt provide audit tracking.


Tamper Evident Security Labels DetailsTamper Evident Security Label Material Details
Label nameTamper evident security warning labels stickersLabel materialsTamper evident destructible sticker materials
Label sizeCustomTopcoat material colorMatte blue or custom

Label design

Any cmyk color, single color or full colors are all ok

Face thickness
Label featureTamper evidentAdhesivePermanent adhesive


Tamper evident security warning seal

Lead timeNormal ink printed in 4-5 days, special ink printed in 7 days
DeliveryAccording to your requests
PackageTamper evident warning sticker label could be in rolls or in sheets, then package in cartons.

Tamper evident warning labels

Tamper Evident Securtity Warning Label.jpg

Use for ATM as security seals

Tamper Evident Securtity Warning Labels.jpg


1. Used as tamper-evident labels. Widely used in logistics, aviation, express delivery, documents, letters, storage and other fields. The anti-counterfeit sealing label is affixed to the seal of the object to prevent unauthorized removal of documents, mails, and packages, and theft, and is used to identify unauthorized or illegal opening of sealed objects.

2. It is used as tamper-proof labels stickers. Widely used in bank, IT, electronics, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, shopping malls and other fields, will be tamper-proof labels on the product, to prevent the label, the label was lifted after use, used to identify unauthorized or illegal open sealed products The phenomenon.

3. Used as security seals. Widely used in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, jewelry, security seals affixed to the key parts of the product packaging, to prevent the product or the contents of the package is opened, replaced, stolen, used to identify unauthorized or illegal opening of the product good helper.

Mibils provides types of tamper evident security solution, please contact us for inquiry.

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