Tamper Evident VOID Material Warranty VOIDopen Seals

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Product Details

Tamper Evident Void Material Warranty Voidopen Seals

Product Description 


High adhesion

Good durability
Tamper evident

Voidopen will reveal when torn off


Water resistant

Help provide evidence of tampering


Can not be resealed

Application: Warranty managment and warranty protection


Item Name

Tamper evident void material warranty voidopen seals

Film TypeTamper proof
Transfer TypePer your design
SizeSmall or big
Face Film Thickness Normally 25 micron and 50micron
Adhesive Message Custom adhesive message
Release LinerGlassine liner
GluePermanent viscose
ColorsCustom color
Facestock Surface Glossy or matte
Hidden MessageVOID,OPENVOID or Custom
Surface PrintingBespoke printing
Packaging Formon roll or on sheet
Seals SampleAvailable

Small Void Material Warranty Voidopen Seals

Tamper Evident Void Material Warranty Voidopen Seals.jpg

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