Tamper Proof VOID Security Seals For Bank

Tamper Proof Seals, VOID Security Seals, Tamper evident VOID seals manufacturer / supplier in China, offering high quality tamper proof security seals/void Label for bank, cash securiyt void seals and so on.

Product Details

Product Description:


a. Shows a clear VOID/OPEN/OPENVOID security message when the tamper evident label is lifted but does not leave a residue on the surface.

b. Suited for 90% non-porous surfaces.

c. Uses as security seals for Bank, providing visual evidence of tampering or illegal entrance on bank deposit, cash, ATM cash box, bills, notes, doors, sensitive equipment, lockers, containers, restricted areas, etc.

d. Strong adhesive

e. Custom print


Bank tamper proof void seals sample

Tamper Proof VOID Security Seals for Bank.jpg

Types of tamper proof VOID security seals adhesive material available:


High-residue adhesive 

High-residue adhesives leave a sticky residue on the applied surface once the label is removed. They also leave a custom word voiding and/or a distinct pattern that reminds that the product has been tampered with. The high residue void seal is usually used for disposable packages.

Low-residue adhesive

Few-residue adhesive is used for packages that are not to be disposed of. The hidden message saying words VOID, OPENED or VOIDOPENED will display on the surface of the seal tag once attempted, and on the applied surface as well. The residue is less than the high-residue adhesive seal, and this amount of residue can also be peeled off.

Non-residue adhesive 

Non-residue adhesives are used for tamper proof stickers when sealing expensive or reusable packages. No residue left upon label removal, but the hidden message VOID or OPENED on the applied surface to clearly shows the package has been tampered with.

Please contact us to bespoke tamper evident security label seals.

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