Warranty VOID Polyester Labels

VOID Polyester Labels, Tamper Evident Polyester Labels, Warranty VOID Polyester Labels, 50um Polyester Warranty Sticker from Anti-counterfeiting Labels supplier and manufacturer, offering you High-tack Warranty adhesive Labels, Custom Warranty VOID Packing Label, VOID Packing Tape, VOID Box Seals...

Product Details

Product Description


25um or 50μm polyester films 

Available in red, black, white, transparent, blue, bright silver and matt silver

A "void" message is left on the layer of the substrate and surface when label is removed

Cannot be reused 

Coated facestock for excellent printing

High-tack adhesive

Suitable for plastic, cardboard, glass, metal surfaces


Compatible with flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing, litho printing, letterpress printing, hot foil printing and thermal transfer printing


Facestock Backing LinerAdhesive Options


Type gsm  PermanentRemovable
VOID25um, 50umGlassine60g or 80g

Warranty void polyester labels

Wrranty VOID Polyester Labels.jpg

Void polyester labels for warranty

Warranty VOID Polyester Labels (3).jpg

Warranty void if the polyester label is removed

Warranty VOID Polyester Labels Applications.jpg


Counterfeiters re-use the original packaging to make fake products look like the real thing, warranty VOID Polyester Labels offers quick and efficient security solutions to enable the packaging to have  authentication or serialisation feature, provide evidence of prior opening and tamper protection.


Optimal solution to problem below:

a. Claims for fake product claims and/or returns

b. Peel a label from an in-warranty item and re-apply to an out-of-warranty item

c. Illegal entry and possible unauthorized repairs or adjustments

d.  Illegally open product or packaging for potential harvesting of critical components

If you have any questions or need bespoke design warranty VOID plastic polyester&PET labels, please feel free to contact us for help.

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