White Brittle Security Destructible Label

Destructible Label,

Product Details

White Brittle Security Destructible Label


Good facestock provides excellent printability
Immediate destructibility when removed 

Excellent adhesive provides high bond

Brittle material ensure excellent destructibility

Suitable for various printing methods

Very for safety and security applications

Customized print

FOC sampling


Item NameBrittle Security Destructible Label

White or custom

SizeSmall size, big size
MaterialAnti-counterfeit  Synthetic Paper, Brittle Film
LabelingAuto-labeling or hand labeling
Temperature ResistantMinus -5℃ to 80℃
BackingGlassine release paper 
Packingin roll or in sheet
Delivery Time2-7 working days
ShippingSea shipping or air shipping

White Destructible Paper Label

White brittle Security Destructible Label

Brittle Destructible Sticker used to Seal Packaging

White brittle Security Destructible Labels


Highly destructible label sticker, also known as brittle labels, are made with extremely brittle frangible label material, will easily fracture. Destructive label will come apart when lift. The primary function of destructible label is to provide tamper evidence, can be used as security stickers.

Mibils has been producing destructible label seal since 2002, please contact us if you need any security solution.

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