Bespoke High Heat Vulcanized Labels For Tire

Vulcanized Labels for Tire, Bespoke Tire Labels features high heat temperature, strong bonding, withstanidng tire vulcanization,resistant to acidic, solvent and water...

Product Details

Product Description:


Strong bonding

High THT printing quality and durable substrate 

Rubber-based adhesive withstand high heat temperature at 200℃ for tire vulcanization

Resistant to acidic, solvent and water
Printing keeps consistent pre and post vulcanization

Elastomeric, the label becomes one with the rubber base when being applied to tire during the vulcanization process

Long-time usage

Good barcode scanning 


Facestock MaterialPolyester/PET
Backing release0.05mm transparent film
Topcoat Thickness 0.10 mm, 0.075mm, 0.15mm, 0.188mm, 0.25mm or custom
Adhesive BondingRubber adhesive specially designed for tire vulcanization 
Tire Label Size44x8mm, 38x8mm or custom
Gap3mm or custom
Printing CompatibleThermal transfer printing
Vulcanization Temperature130℃ to 210℃
Roll Core38mm or custom
Storage Temperature-5℃ to 40℃
Delivery time3-10 working days

High heat vulcanized labels for tire

High Heat Vulcanized Labels for Tire.jpg

About vulcanized label for tire:  

Vulcanization tire label designed for tire tracking, can withstand up to 200° C vulcanization temperature. The label resistant to water, gasoline and solvents, it works well in the harsh environments of vulcanization (high temperature and pressure curing), including passenger tire vulcanization and light truck tire vulcanization process. After passing throught vulcanization, label will remain bonding to a tire.

Mibils has been producing customized design tire labels since 2002, please contact us to bespoke vulcanized tire label stickers.

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