Durable Polyester Vulcanized Tire Labels

Polyester Vulcanized Tire Labels, Durable Tire Labels, Vulcanized Tire Tag from Tire label sticker maker offering you high temperature vulcanized tire labels, custom vulcanized tyre labels, printable high heat resistant tire sticker...

Product Details

Product Description:


Strong adhesive polyester 

High printing quality and durable top coating 

Withstands harsh enviroment

Rubber-based adhesive resistable to vulcanization process ( up to 200C, high pressure ) 
The label quality is still excellent after passing through vulcanization process 
The label remains bonded to tyre  after vulcanization 

Resistant to chemical, water and abrasion



Facestock MaterialWhite Polyester
Backing release0.05mm transparent clear plastic
Topcoat Thickness 0.10 mm, 0.075mm, 0.15mm, 0.188mm, 0.25mm or custom
Adhesive BondingRubber bonding adhesive specially designed for vulcanization 
Size44x8mm, 38x8mm or custom
Printing TechnologyBarcode printer
Vulcanization Temperature130℃ to 210℃
Core38mm or custom
Storage Temperature-5℃  to 40℃
Storage Time3 years Approx. in room temperature
Delivery time3-10 working days
SampleFree sample

Vulcanized tire label for tire identification

Polyester Vulcanized Tire LABELS (3).jpg

Polyester vulcanized tire labels with barcode

Polyester Vulcanized Tire Labels (2).jpg

Blank vulcanized tire labels

Polyester Vulcanized Tire Labels.jpg

Mibils has been manufacturing tire labels since 2002, please contact us for any vulcanized tire label stickers.

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