Printing Customized Vulcanized Adhesive Labels For Tires

Printing Vulcanized Tire Labels, Customized Waterproof Tire Labels, Adhesive Vulcanized Barcode Stickcer from Customized Tire Label Sticker maker offering you Blank Vulcanization Tire Labels, Personalized Vulcanized Tyre Stickers, Custom printing dural Tire Identification Labeling...

Product Details

Printing Customized Vulcanized Adhesive Label for Tires

Product Description:


Extremely sticky glue

High durability 

Withstands harsh enviroment, such as curing up to 200 degree C

Excellent printing quality

Barcode is still scanable after curing process

The sticker remains bonded to tyre after curing

Water resistant


Facestock MaterialTire Specialized Label Material
Backing ReleaseTransparent clear plastic
Tire Label ColorNormally white, can be customized
Topcoat Thickness 0.075mm, 0.10 mm, 0.15mm, 0.188mm, 0.25mm or custom
Adhesive BondingRubber bonding adhesive specially designed for vulcanization 
Size40x7.5mm, 44x8mm, 41x 10mm, 39x 7mm, 38x8mm, 32x8mm, or custom
Gap2mm, 3mm
Printing TechnologyThermal transfer barcode printer 
Vulcanization Temperature130℃ to 210℃
Barcode RibbonResin ribbon
Core24mm, 38mm, 76mm or custom 
Storage Temperature-5℃  to 40℃
Storage Time3 years Approx. in room temperature
Packing Form in reel or sheet
Delivery Time3-9 working days depending on order
Payment TermT/T, L/C, Western Union
Shipping Express, or air ship, sea ship
SampleFREE sample


The label works well in harsh enviroment, resistant to high temperatures up to 210 ° C and can be vulcanized simultaneously with the tire. After vulcanization, the bar codes stay attached to the tire. This tire label can accompany the entire life cycle of the tire, no deformation, no discoloration, waterproof, acid, alkali, salt, resistant to most petroleum grease, low fat solvent, wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance. The barcode is printed clearly, and the barcode scanner or the inventory machine is accurate and the reading rate is 100%.


With barcode, keep trace of tire from manufacturing, vulcanization until delivery

Vulcanized Adhesive Labels for Tires

3 Printing customized vulcanized adhesive label for tires

Vulcanized Adhesive Tire Labels for Printing 

5 Printing customized vulcanized adhesive label for tires

Printed Vulcanized Label with Bar code and QR

Printing customized vulcanized adhesive label for tires

Barcode Printing Vulcanized for Tires Tracking

2 Printing customized vulcanized adhesive label for tires

Mibils has been making tire vulcanized labels since 2002, please contact us for any tire identification stickers.

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